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venkatesh farmhouse

project completed in 2019

Located on steep contoured site amidst a rocky mango plantation in arid Ramanagaram, the house is placed on the highest point of the site facing east catching the morning sun and overlooking the entire mango plantation.

The house is approached from a steep non motor able pathway from the west. The house expressed in steel looks to free the contoured ground plane and causing as little intervention to the site context.  The longer axis of the house is along the north south making sure the house captures the morning eastern light.

A single sweeping cantilevered roof   with a large overhang protects the inner spaces from the harsh Sun.  The sleeping spaces are wrapped in a skin made of brick and cudappa stone, while the rest of the house has glass and mesh doors shaded by the large roof overhang. The lightness of the structure looks to contrast with the rocky terrain of the site.   

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