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HIW farmhouse

ongoing project 

What happens when four college friends get together? They build a space to relax, enjoy with their families and spend time together recollecting old memories. When this happens in the midst of a forest the whole sense of pause and adventure is all the most amplified. 

The site is a teakwood plantation that sits on the periphery of Banerghatta National Park with the southern end facing the national park. 

We repurposed the existing house into a base camp housing a living space, kitchen and traditional bath on ground floor and a games and entertainment space above. A sloped tile roofed verandah is added around the house to create a spill out space and a space to lounge around.

The other part of the project is the elevated tree houses. A mysterious locally sourced brick tower with a non-descript entrance

leads up a flight of radial stairs to these tree houses. A curvy perforated steel bridge meanders between the existing trees and connects the stair tower to the tree houses.

The tree house perched delicately on slender steel columns is entered by a covered verandah. The verandah overlooks the lush green expanse of BNP. The tree house perched at the level of the teakwood tree canopies have a living space at the entry level and a sleeping space with a toilet attached to at the lower level. A ladder takes one up to the mezzanine with a balcony overlooking the teakwood plantation inside the property.

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