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fd office

project completed in 2019

Funktion Design embarked on an ambitious venture: constructing their own office and studio, blending challenge with excitement. Situated within a bustling residential area of Sanjaynagar, Bangalore, the 40x40 feet South-facing site posed unique design considerations amidst densely packed low-rise structures. Embracing their trademark conceptual ideation and structural exploration, the studio's layout ingeniously adapts to its environment.

The top two floors house Funktion Design's domain, with the uppermost floor showcasing public facets like meeting rooms and a reception area, while the floor below seamlessly integrates studio workstations at canopy level with the neighboring Gulmohar trees. Encased in an aluminum-clad box on a concrete portal, these floors extend into elongated balconies adorned with recycled teak wood louvers to soften the intense southern sunlight.

Structurally, three grand concrete portals, reminiscent of brutalist architecture, support the studio and meeting zone. Recycled materials like teak wood and kota stone imbue the space with a rustic charm, while polished plywood adorns the interiors, harmonizing with the organic finishes of concrete and steel. This narrative of architectural finesse and resourceful construction reflects Funktion Design's ethos, poised between innovation and reverence for natural materials.

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