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weekend house

A proposed house for a cow loving young chartered accountant tucked in semi-rural Dobbaspet 50 kms from Bangalore which is an arid area characterized by hot and dry summers and scanty rainfall. The design is our take on the courtyard house typology which is commonly found in rural southern Karnataka.  The house is entered from the north east flanked by the cattle shed separated from the main house by a utility court. The plan clearly differentiates between the personal spaces of the residents and the open planned interactive spaces merging together at the central courtyard with a prayer space overlooking it. The design uses the sloped tile roof in the interactive spaces and flat roof in the personal spaces to differentiate between the two spaces acting as a form generator. The personal spaces have their own garden. The material palette of slaked lime plaster walls, tile roof with cuddappa floors blend seamlessly in the rural milieu.

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