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Jubilee School

project completed in 2019

Modification and conversion of an existing old single storied college building into a CBSE school for a Bangalore based trust. The design addresses the general requirements of a CBSE school keeping in view the existing structure.  The entrance axis is shifted to create separate pedestrian entry, assembly point and bus bays. The doubly loaded corridors are lit and ventilated with skylights. An additional stairwell and lift makes the campus conform to fire and accessibility norms.  Pause points, hangout spaces and open lunch bays break the corridors.  The use of hollow clay block and locally sourced materials makes sure this project is extremely cost effective and eco-friendly as well. The use of primary colors on the doors and skylights liven up the common areas. The windows have clay jalis at the bottom which makes sure that there is constant air flow through the year.  The use of exposed hollow clay block masonry not only made the construction economical but also made sure that the building was well temperature insulated. It also gave a rich textural quality to the spaces at minimal cost.

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