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Nairy's Residence

project completed in 2019

In the midst of North Bangalore's rapid urbanization, the Jarakabande Reserve forest, a last remnant of the past, stands resilient. On a trapezoidal 3500-square-foot plot, a multigenerational home harmonizes with the adjacent woodland. With a robust exterior, a corten steel gate beckons visitors. Inside, a central axis organizes the triple-height lobby, suspended staircase, and prayer alcove. The ground floor caters to accessibility, featuring a living room with a forest view and a courtyard with a tree and waterfall. Throughout, exposed concrete and brick create a robust architectural palette, complemented by recycled wood windows and doors. Skylights amplify natural light in the double and triple-height spaces, enhancing the dramatic ambiance. The floating staircase, a signature Funktion Design motif, delicately hangs from the curved roof. The design caters to the needs of three generations, blending seamlessly with its sylvan surroundings, creating a sanctuary within the evolving urban landscape.

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