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ajax corporate office

project completed in 2013

The facility consisted of a corporate office and a warehousing facility for leading concrete and construction related machinery Product Company.

The design strategy for the corporate office was to divide the program into work related spaces and discussion/interaction spaces juxtaposed between central green spaces. The integration of the front setback and the central green space going all the way to the basement and vertical green wall create a sense of a seamless landscape that integrates with the built form. The fragmented floor plates made sure that there would be enough day light so that there is less dependence on artificial lighting and ventilation.

Water is used as a visual element to not only enhance the landscape but also as a water channel to visually connect the double height foyer at ground level and the courtyard at the first floor levels.

The south-west facing site was one and a half meters below the road level. The corporate office although forming the front façade could not be clad with large glazing area as that would create issues with heat gain and harsh UV radiation. The façade design incorporated series of mutually shading cantilevers with large panels of form-lined concrete.  The project is a green project with only 20 % air-conditioning.

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