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Ajax factory 

project completed in 2019

The design brief was a factory campus with a manufacturing unit of about 200000sqft along with parallel facilities such as, an office building, a cafeteria and cloakroom and an institution of concrete technology. The site slopes from 3 m higher on the northern tip downwards southwest corner. The idea was to have minimal cut and fill of the site. Keeping this in mind the factory and the testing building which are PEB structures (1.5 lakh sft) have been located 3m lower and the level drop is negotiated by earth mounds to avoid concrete retaining walls.

The higher portion of the site, which is also the road edge, has the other 3 architectural components. The office, Cafeteria and cloakroom and the School of concrete. This part of the site is completely pedestrianized by restricting vehicular entry to the northern tip. The overall campus has a common language of white and grey (exposed concrete) with elements of steel to compliment the Pre-Engineered buildings.

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